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My passion and attention to detail makes me different from the rest. I ensure I am looking at everything from the customer’s point of view. I MUST know the reason behind everything I do and offer. I also consume all of my free time with life long learning, making sure I stay up to date with new additions to the industry. I have over 10 years of experience in color theory ensuring the optimal color selection.

Client Testimonials

I loved the experience and quality! Super professional and made sure I understood what I was getting and what I was comfortable with. Highly recommended to everyone for all her services!


I loved my experience with Megan. She was very professional, knew her stuff and answered all my questions. I got my teeth whitened from Megan. She is so sweet and I'll definitely go back to her.


Megan was so so attentive and flexible with working with what I needed. She is so educated in the field and so professional. Her environment is great, clean and welcoming. Love my brows!


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