About Megan Botello Permanent Cosmetics

ABout Megan

My passion and attention to detail makes me different from the rest. I ensure I am looking at everything from the customer’s point of view. I MUST know the reason behind everything I do and offer. I also consume all of my free time with lifelong learning, making sure I stay up to date with new additions to the industry. I have over 10 years of experience in color theory ensuring optimal color selection.

I’ve been a highly detailed, picky, self-critical, always seeking the next thing to learn cosmetologist for the last 10+ years. In cosmetology school, I only let someone touch my hair one time. I ended up looking like a skunk. Never again would I trust someone that wasn’t skilled, educated, detailed, precise, and overly passionate about any service I sought. Sounds a bit crazy, I know. When I first discovered microblading, I wanted it. I NEEDED it. For many years I have been using a makeup stencil to shape my brows because free-handing the shape was just too difficult. Choosing an artist to cut my face and give me a permanent brow tattoo was a big deal. I ended up choosing the best person I could find that had all the qualities as a person I was looking for. I drove 3 hours to my appointment, spent 3 hours there, and then drove 3 hours back. A 9-hour commitment to finding the right person. Even though there were many ladies near me that did it. They didn’t do well enough for me to make that commitment. My brows turned out okay: the shape was decent and I did not end up as one of the microblading horror stories. 

However, the pain was outrageous. That sound would make any person nauseous. The sound of slicing skin, by an unsteady row of tiny needles just cutting your face, literally right before your very eyes. There had to be a better option. A couple of years later, I discovered “Nano brows”. This was a technique that involved a tattoo machine to create hair strokes instead of cutting the skin. I became utterly obsessed with everything machine eyebrows. There was one girl in our area who offered this type of brow and then.. she moved thousands of miles away. Then, I knew I had to learn this and offer it to our community. There was no way I was going to let anyone ever think that microblading was the only option. I had a better one. When I knew everything I could about machine brows, I then looked for a well-qualified trainer to show me how to actually execute them.  I already knew everything about them except how to do them!
Off to Utah, I went again because I do not take my time or investment lightly. I found a highly qualified, kind, passionate training facility and spent what felt like a week of dawn to dusk learning all that I could. Because I caught on so quickly, we added additional techniques to my training. 
The more brows I was able to give to amazing women and see how it changed their lives, the more passionate I became. After one year of “doing this on the side,” I dove all in. I quit my 5-year tenor bank job which had won many years in a row the award for “Best Place to Work in Idaho” with steady income, benefits, promotions, you name it. But my passion to help women take back their confidence in beauty burned so much stronger. My husband thought I was crazy and that I would never actually quit. I am taking this passion to as many women as possible to change their lives! Constantly adding services that will benefit you in your journey to take back your confidence and make you feel beautiful again.
Let’s start with microblading. This is definitely the current trend that has brought permanent makeup to the forefront more recently. The results are meant to mimic real hair and can help improve symmetry, shape, and hair density. Microblading will not take the place of makeup for a client who likes a more solid filled-in look.  Although microblading can be labeled as “semi-permanent,” the results can still last for quite a while and it is important to make an educated decision on getting it done. A microblade consists of a row of small needles that cuts the skin to create hair strokes. The pigment is then rubbed into those cuts. The healing process is very delicate and certain skin does not take as well to the process as others. Medical conditions, skin type, and other factors come into play. Sometimes aftercare needs to be adjusted for different skin types as well.

Microblading vs Machine

There are a few common terms for machine brows. Combo, nano, and powder. All utilize a single needle connected to a power source that propels the needle in and out of the cartridge, placing pigment simultaneously. Less traumatizing to the skin, good for all skin types, heals quicker, and lasts longer over the years.
Up first is the “combination brow.” There are several reasons as to why we would maybe incorporate some machine work into your eyebrows. A combination brow can be done by adding machine/nano hair strokes with a shading or “powdering” effect. If there are areas of your eyebrow with no natural hair growth that you would like filled in, we may decide to add some shading to blend into where your natural hair starts to grow. 
Powder brows are done by shading in the desired eyebrow shape with a machine. Sometimes this can be more than one needle to create a pixel-like effect. There are no hair strokes in a powder brow. This is a good option for clients who like a more solid filled in eyebrow, and also very oily complexions who do not retain hair strokes as well. This would also be a way to work with previously tattooed eyebrows that are faded enough for us to consider touching up. 
Nano brows are often described to be machine hairstrokes. The same look you could achieve with microblading, just better. This technique includes hair strokes only to reshape and add a very natural appearance. Hairstrokes are created using a single nanoneedle for precise and delicate work.